Well we started off just under a decade ago to advise the 1.3 million British passport holders living in Australia and the 59.000 living in New Zealand on how best to access Television, Radio and other forms of British media, when on the far side of the world.

We are hear to assist and give advice to those who wish to watch British TV applications down under. We are also here to give a little advice to how best to do this. The main chosen method for this in recent years is by using Virtual Private Network technology.


At Pommytv.com we regularly review the best ways of accessing UK & US applications when either an expat or a traveller in Australia and New Zealand, one method in particular that we get asked a lot about are VPN connections. Well a VPN is a way of ‘tunnelling’ your internet connection from your device to an internet service via a secure Virtual Private Network server located overseas. Many Brits living in places such as Dubai, Toronto, Sydney and Auckland quite often use a VPN connection to access UK TV services online*. A VPN is a great alternative to Satellite and IPTV as it is very cheap (few pounds / dollars per month) and will allow installation on practically any laptop, tablet, smart phone or smart Television device*.

Many Brits living in Australia & New Zealand register for a VPN account online and install the connection on their smart phone or tablet, download any UK & US Television apps*. and streaming the signal to their TV sets via ChromeCast or inbuilt streaming technology. This is a very cheap and easy way of accessing all British and American TV channels streaming both live and on demand when overseas*.

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