PommyTV and associated websites are an independent Blog focusing on bringing British ex-patriots living overseas convenient solutions for watching British Television on-line. Every calender month we renew our sponsorships of recommendation with our companies of choice. We endeavour to show British expats the various ways to connect to TV services such as Satellite, IPTV & using a Virtual Private Network via an internet capable device. We recommend that you always obtain the necessary permissions to view any radio or televisual broadcasts from the relevant broadcaster or company before connection. Any liability for copyright or access rights is held solely with the user.


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Pommy TV / Watch Telly does not condone copyright infringement of any media service in any country. If connecting to any IP service recommended by us, we strongly advise that you do not access any geographically restrictive sites unless given permission to do so in your country location. For example, we recommend that you do not access British Broadcasting services outside of the United Kingdom without permission to do so, particularly in the countries of Australia and New Zealand as this will most likely be breaking local copyright and intellectual property law.