Watch BBC iPlayer with a VPN in Australia

You will need to use a VPN when accessing BBC iPlayer in Australia. This is because your IP address needs to show a UK IP address in order to start to work. If you use a UK VPN provider when in Australia and connect to a UK IP address then this will allow you access.

It is also important though however that you switch off your location services when doing this as GPS can also give away your true location even when using a VPN. When you have a VPN running on your devices in Australia you will be able to access all UK only apps. This will allow you to watch BBC iPlayer, itv hub and all other British TV applications not only in Australia but anywhere.

We recommend privatrax as it is one of the few VPN’s left that actually unblocks BBC iPlayer as many of the larger services have become filtered in recent years and this can be a cat and mouse game that can be exapnsive. Privatrax is $6.99 monthly for this and can be installed on as many devices as you wish.

Many brits living in Australia now use Netflix and even Britbox for UK content which is great, however it does not show all content. If you want to watch the latest UK TV shows then having a von installed on your devices really is a must.

IP TV boxes are a good idea if you are in Spain, especially the canary islands as they fall same time-zone, however Australia is a push. Who wants their prime time TV fix to be judge Rinder?

VPN use for watching BBC iplayer in Australia has been a thing now for over 10 years and is falling a little due to local streaming services such as britbox, but it does not really have the steam of iplayer. With a VPN you also get to access channels 4’s all4 services which actually has more content on it than BBC & itv’s player put together, (it is worth it for peep show and the comic strip alone).

If you visit privatrax via https://www.Privatrax.Com/getvpn and enter the coupon POMMYTV it knocks down a year to just £29 which is about as cheap as a VPN gets. Nord can be cheap if you pay for 2 years upfront however costs over ten bucks monthly otherwise.

RECOMMENDED: If you need a VPN that will unblock BBC iPlayer and other UK TV apps, then we recommend Privatrax. This is one of the few VPN providers that unblocks BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 and My5 (as most are now blocked) If you use coupon POMMYTV then you can pay £29.99 for a year instead of £49.99. That works out to just £2.49 / $2.99 per month. When you consider that Nord VPN and Express VPN work out at £9/£12 pr month, this works out a lot better. Simply visit (Don't forget that promo code POMMYTV)