Since 2008 ITV Hub (formerly ITV Player) has been helping millions of people gain access to British TV shows, to watch either live on one of the now numerous ITV channels, or to stream on demand “catch-up” whenever they like. This service is very popular and only a close 2nd to the BBC’s BBC iPlayer.

British TV is some of the finest in the world and the TV players are now famously known throughout the world, sadly though not available around the world. Ordinarily if you try to watch ITV outside the UK, you will find that it is geographically blocked. ITV and BBC are both unavailable if you are in Spain, that is unless you have a VPN installed.

A VPN is a great piece of technology that allows you to appear online as though you are in a different part of the world, such as Spain. A UK VPN will give your devices a UK IP address, so that applications such as ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer will believe that you are in say England, when in actual fact, you could be in Andalusia.

Shows such as Love Island, I’m a Celebrity and Coronation Street are now internationally know and some overseas networks do feature these, however often months if not years behind the UK. BBC Prime has been around for some time on Spanish cable networks although this is not great for content. Years ago you could easily pick up ITV and BBC channels when in Spain via the Astra satellite, however this has now been changed so that in order to access these channels (particularly in southern Spain), you will be needing a dish the size of a bus.

Using a VPN for TV usage is very popular as it is far cheaper than satellite and IPTV and is useful not just for TV viewing abroad but for internet privacy and anonymity also. When you are on public WIFI networks you are at risk from hackers stealing your data. This is something that is particularly concerning if you are using banking apps or PayPal. Internet security is a big thing now and it is the driving force behind NordVPN spending millions on Television advertising across the board on all commercial broadcasters in the western world.

Many people of course use a VPN to make sure that their online tracks are covered. When you download and browse when connected to a VPN, you are both secure and anonymous. Anonymity is crucial in 2019 when downloading torrent files as most ISP’s now issue threat letters to those who they can see are getting regular torrent traffic.

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