Watch UK TV Abroad With a VPN

Millions of British passport holders live in Australia New Zealand and a further few million living throughout Europe, particularly in Spain. One thing that people take for granted when in the UK is free access to UK TV applications, however when you go overseas this then becomes a problem.

As many people soon find out, hen they arrive in places such as Perth in Western Australia, when they try to pull up BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub on their iPhones or Android devices, that a message will appear saying that these devices saying that these services are not available outside of the United Kingdom. You can however get around this by installing and switching on a VPN service on your devices.


When a VPN is running on your laptop, tablet or smart phone, it will switch your IP address for that of one back in your home location, tunnelling your internet traffic via a secure VPN server. The great thing about using a VPN to access UK TV apps abroad is that your internet connection is not only secure but also completely anonymous too. This means that your ISP or local government cannot see your browsing or downloading habbits, perfect for KODI also.

VPN01 are offer a VN account totally free for a 30 days trial. Simply fill out your details below and download and access the VPN on each of your devices. One account will work on up to 3 different devices simultaneously, so perfect for all of your families devices. A VPN will install on all laptops, tablets, smart phones and other smart devices.

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