W, Dave, Alibi, GOLD, Eden, Drama and Really are just some of the great channels by UKTV. These are now a mainstay of British Television and are watched by millions. The UKTV player app has recently been launched and will allow access to all of the great TV content from each of these channels on your internet capable device. This app is however only available if you are within the United Kingdom.

You can access this though when overseas if you are connected to a UK VPN on your device. This will allow you to sit behind a UK IP address when on-line, allowing this and all of UK only on-line services to work anywhere abroad overseas.

The VPN01 Network is often used for UK TV overseas as it is uncapped in data and rarely blocked by the TV broadcasters and so will unlock 99% of UK only TV apps and services when abroad.

See this link below for a Free VPN subscription for your device to start accessing British TV