Watch ITV Hub in Australia

It is now easily possible for people in Australia to unblock and access the BBC iPlayer and watch all of the latest British shows such as Sherlock, Dr Who and Eastenders. A VPN connection is very easy to install on any laptop, tablet, smart phone or smart TV device and will unblock all UK & US TV apps and websites anywhere. In addition to BBC iPlayer, you will also be able to unblock and access ITV Hub, Al 4 and Demand 5, unlocking all British on demand TV content. If you wish to watch UK TV channels streaming live and can handle the time difference, you can always download TV Player and TV Catchup apps (when connected to a UK VPN server) and watch them streaming in HD on any device. A VPN is a cheap and easy alternative to Foxtel and IP TV boxes as it costs just a fraction of the price.


*DISCLAIMER: This website is an independent blog review service, aimed at providing British and American ex-patriots living overseas, how best to keep in touch with their native countries online. Our website will feature reviews of third party websites and services that assist users on how best to access British & American media services online. We DO NOT recommend that you access geographically restricted applications and online media services unless you have the express permission to do so in your current location. Eg. Access to British Broadcasting media players and services originating from the united Kingdom are most likely illegal to access under local copyright law in countries such as Australia and New Zealand unless you have the express permission to do so. We hold no responsibility for the content of any external websites linked to this website.


RECOMMENDED: If you are looking for a VPN for watching UK & US TV when overseas, we recommend VPN01 as it is one of the few out there that still unblocks both BBC iPlayer & ITV Hub outside of the UK. It is also one of the few that still has unlimited data, so that you may stream hours of HD content without your quota running out, this is something that happens after about 20 minutes of watching on most free VPN alternatives. To get a months VPN for just £0.01 / $0.01 simply visit and enter the promo code POMMYNET when purchasing and this will switch the £6.99 price to just $0.01 If you would like a year for just £29.99 visit and enter promo code POMMYNETYEARLY and this will switch the price from £59.99 to just £29.99