Pommy TV has been around for almost a decade and is the go-to for British expats living in Australia and New Zealand, wanting to access British Television and radio content on the far side of the world. Well Australian Television networks do show a limited amount of British Television, but this is often limited, dated and bogged down by large ad breaks.

British Television is of course, best seen when in mother England. If you are overseas as millions of British people always are (particularly down under), then there is always an interest in how to still receive this great Televisual experience.

If you try to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK, or watch ITV Hub abroad, you will find that both of these applications and websites are only available in the United Kingdom. Well Pommy TV is here to help you all out in accessing British TV content on fairer shores oversees.


You may have already heard of the term ‘VPN’, this is short for Virtual Private Network and is a smart pice of technology that has many uses. One use is privacy, another use is anonymity, the main use however is for changing your digital location. When you are connected to a UK VPN server in say Sydney or Auckland, this will switch your IP address to that of one from the United Kingdom, so that you may access UK only online services. For over a decade British expats and holiday-makers alike have used this technology to unblock and watch apps such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Channel 4’s All4 and Channel 5’s My5. You may also stream UK TV channels live on TV Catch-up and TV player apps.

This is by far a cheaper alternative to expensive Foxtel and cable subscriptions, as VPN connections cost only a few pounds of Dollars per month, instead of costing nearly $100 per month. IPTV is something that was used for many years to watch UK TV channels abroad, however this does require hardware and also this technology can falter when there are popular TV shows playing as servers become over-stacked.

Using a VPN to watch UK TV is a good idea as at the flick of a switch, you can switch to a USA IP address and start to watch American TV apps anywhere. The same principal applies to Canadian, European and any other nations.

If you want to access British TV apps on your devices down under (or anywhere else abroad), then a VPN is the easiest way of doing this. Find a good VPN provider that offers uncapped data usage, install this onto your devices, the switch off GPS location services and this will make the UK TV apps work again when switching on a UK VPN server.

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