Pommy TV is a website dedicated to the leisure & entertainment of British ex-patriots living in Australia & New Zealand. Every week we offer new articles showing Brits living abroad how best they can connect with back home. For over 4 years has been the ‘go to’ place to find out the best way of receive quality Television, Movies & Radio content from Great Britain & Ireland.

Can I watch British TV apps in Australia?: YES, BBC, ITV, TV Catchup, 4OD etc… This will be possible if you are connecting to the internet on your device with a VPN connection installed. All major Terrestrial TV channels will stream live unblocked via TV Catchup apps TV Catchup & TV Player and all of the On Demand ‘watch when you like’ content from each of these will be available via their player apps. Usually these will be blocked in Australia, unless you switch your IP address to a UK one when using a VPN. (See recommended VPN link).











In Australia standard Terrestrial Television does has some British Television content (particularly on ABC), however this is somewhat limited. Many people choose to have a AuStar / Foxtel subscription that gives you plenty more option and in many ways is similar to British Sky Television (however not a concise). Shows such as Corrie, Towie, Eastender & XFactor UK are available on Australian Satellite. The upside to using Satellite in Australia for accessing British Television is the quality and ease of use, however is limited and can be quite expensive.


VPN use is popular with Australian’s (& Kiwi’s) as it allows access to British & American Television and Radio applications, not just in Australia & New Zealand, but in every other location (which is ideal for people traveling also). VPN connections can be installed easily on 99% of laptops, tablets, smart phones and smart Television boxes, making it an easy option for many and roughly 5x cheaper than a standard Satellite subscription.*


*DISCLAIMER: This website is an independent blog review service, aimed at providing British and American ex-patriots living overseas, how best to keep in touch with their native countries online. Our website will feature reviews of third party websites and services that assist users on how best to access British & American media services online. We DO NOT recommend that you access geographically restricted applications and online media services unless you have the express permission to do so in your current location. Eg. Access to British Broadcasting media players and services originating from the united Kingdom are most likely illegal to access under local copyright law in countries such as Australia and New Zealand unless you have the express permission to do so. We hold no responsibility for the content of any external websites linked to this website.